“I need to quickly make decisions on lending opportunities that could cost us significantly if they go wrong, so I need to be completely sure that we have checked all the boxes before going further”


There aren’t many tools built to help you, so you do the best with what you have. You feel like you could have done more and that it could have been done faster.


Having a system ready to go 24/7 to show you what’s happening in the market means you have more assurance in your decisions, and you have it faster.

How does it work?


98% of all sales and rental listing since 2009, combined with Land Registry data, images, floor-plans, photos and surveyor reports.

  • Draw your own area to find the right location
  • Filter property types, rooms and features
  • Export comparables for further analysis

Land Ownership

Find any freeholder or leaseholder, and what else they own.

  • Every Land Registry plot in England & Wales
  • Freeholder, leaseholder and land specific information
  • Search by company to find other properties


Check the status of the development and the competition.

  • Track any planning application worth more than £100k
  • Find out who is involved in development projects
  • Check when a development is expected to complete