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REalyse gives you access to all relevant data on UK residential property – with powerful, user-friendly analytics tools that make it easy to make sense of markets fast. No other property data platform is as comprehensive or as accurate across all key data:

  • Land and ownership
  • Comparables and listings
  • Local demographics and economics
  • Planning and construction
  • Local market dynamics

That’s why the top investors, lenders and developers in UK property trust REalyse data to make their due diligence, research and analysis faster, more accurate and more compelling. 

REalyse property data and analytics make it easy to create definitive, quantifiable assessments of risk and opportunity, whether in an existing portfolio, or in planned and ongoing projects.

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Key features:

In the REalyse Platform, overview gives the higher-level view of the data for an area


Quickly check £sqft values, rents and liquidity in any part of the UK for an initial viability assessment. One of our clients cut their DD time by 75% with just this feature.

REalyse Platform scout facility lets you filter areas by criteria


Search nationwide for locations that match detailed investment criteria, find areas of outperformance and visualise performance relative to the rest of the country.

REalyse Platform Analyse lets you compare different datasets

Analyse & properties

Quickly cross-reference different datasets to see the impact of different factors on key indicators in an area, and download fully detailed property listings with history going back to 1995. 

In the REalyse Platform Land and Ownership lets you overlay Land Registry data on a map.

Land & ownership

Check ownership of any piece of land in the country, with freehold and leasehold information, as well as building statistics, boundaries and proprietor contacts.

In the REalyse Platform, Planning lets you see planning data for a given area


Track the progress of every significant planning application in the UK, identify potentially discounted assets and filter by stage or specialised category, like student, mixed-use or BTR.

Demographics in the REalyse Platform lets you find out about how lives in an area.


Analyse the micro-economics of a local area, including debt, income, creditworthiness and education, as well as amenties like schools, transport and leisure facilities. 

What the industry says about REalyse

This has literally revolutionised the due diligence process.
Christopher Turnbull, MD at REalyse Platform clients Pinnacle Investments
Christopher Turnbull
Managing Director,
Pinnacle Investments
I would not buy anything now without first appraising it on REalyse.
Patrick Lambert
Development Manager,
A brilliant tool that brings transparency to markets
Ted Harding, user of the REalyse Platform
Ted Harding
Investment Surveyor, Cushman & Wakefield

Three access options:


Easy-to-use web-based analytics - instant access to all UK residential datasets, and the tools to make sense of them quickly

Data as a Service

Access any dataset on UK residential property for a subscription or a one-off fee, with indicators and aggregations as required.


Need constant access to large volumes of data? REalyse API is the only way to access every UK residential dataset in one feed

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