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In this month’s Market Mover, I thought I would make many people’s lives easier by pointing out exactly where the yield hotspots are in the UK.

Making it easier still, I will cross-reference the high yield hotspots with densely populated areas and areas where rent is relatively affordable. The data and findings will ensure that there are enough residents in these areas to keep properties occupied and that the cost of renting is prohibitively expensive relative to incomes. This should then provide a reasonably definitive list of the best buy-to-let investment locations in the UK.

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Firstly, a median yield map of the UK, including the Shetland Islands in their correct position (as now required by Scottish Law). Although, unfortunately, we do not yet have any yield data for the Shetlands. Sorry, guys!

MM1 yield hotposts

By looking solely at median gross yields as such, the first obvious hotspot areas are: Glasgow (7.1%), Edinburgh (6.7%), Sunderland (6.6%), Durham (6.1%), Newcastle (6%), Cardiff (5.8%), Bradford (5.8%), Manchester (5.7%) and Liverpool (5.7%). Each are worthy cities in good locations.

However, cross-referencing those areas against population and affordability reduces the heat on the map somewhat, especially those parts of the North of England as well as Cardiff and Newport. The areas that stand out now are Newcastle, Sheffield, Nottingham, Manchester and Liverpool.

MM2 yield hotspots

By analysing the postcode districts and sectors in each of these five cities, the data reveals exactly which areas are emerging hotspots for buy-to-let investors. However, to get to that level of detail would take up many, many pages and more Marker Mover articles than our Realyst could write. So, if you’re reading this and your business could use that information, then have a chat with our sales team by clicking the ‘Request Free Trial’ here or at the button at the top of the screen,

Here’s a little teaser below for those in the Liverpool area:

MM3 yield hotspots

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