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Britain Property Prices Monthl...

Thinking of selling up? Interested in adding another property to your portfolio? Keen to know the average house price in

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Rooftop Extensions: Building U...

With limited space in London, building on the ground isn’t a sustainable solution for the amount of new homes needed

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Building the Right Product Usi...

How to use the REalyse platform to understand demand in the UK property market, determine where your development can boost

Defining BTR

Build to rent (BTR) is the UK nomenclature for what is referred to in the US as Multi-Family Residential. As a definition

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Ceteris Paribus: The Effect of...

REalyse’s Founder, Gavriel Merkado, considers the important assumption of all things being equal in relation to interest rates. In this

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Festival Season: Do Festivals ...

With over 200,000 festival-goers flocking to specific areas throughout the summer season, crime rates can increase by as much as

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Can Modular Homes Solve the UK...

With shorter construction times and cheaper manufacturing costs, are prefabricated homes set to become a trend developers and investors alike

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London Affordability: Is Innov...

Rebecca Lewis from Morgan Sindall Investments is the REalyst’s guest blogger of the month. As both a Londoner and with

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Demand vs Supply: The Reality ...

A recent cross-party report by MPs and housing charity, Shelter, revealed that England needs 3 million new social homes by

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Sizing up the Suburban Opportu...

Read time: 6 minutes Where do 55% of the UK population live? Answer: in the suburbs, at least according to