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There are many ways to get data on residential property. But for professionals, what matters is to get the right data, and make sense of it fast.  

At the biggest names in UK property, teams trust the REalyse Platform to deliver the answers they need.

Clear, simple and fast, the REalyse Platform gives access to every relevant dataset on UK residential property. Powerful analytics tools make it easy to understand the data, and instant reporting lets you create detailed dashboards and analysis in seconds. 

For investors, lenders and developers, the REalyse Platform provides the insights needed to outperform the market. 

Key features:

Explore icon


With Explore you can quickly access and analyse every relevant dataset. See land, market and demographic data, planning and construction activity, policies, amenities and comparables, on charts, lists and on a map – from neighbourhood  detail to the whole of the UK. 

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Dashboards let you collect different charts, maps and records together, in any arrangement you like. Edit searches and data, and see data visualised in the ways that suit you best. You can collect data that interests you, or use templates to instantly create a detailed report for a specific research task. 

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Land Search

Land search lets you find and filter land plots by criteria like acreage, site coverage and ownership type. See planning applications and construction on site and nearby, see what policies apply, and overlay heat maps of market and demographic data. Create a shortlist, and to know more about a site, use templates to create a detailed report. 

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Main Map

The REalyse main map is the most powerful tool available to analyse property markets, from individual properties, to the whole of the UK. Unique data visualisations let you see any combination of market, demographic, policy, comparable, land, planning, construction and amenity data.

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Templates let you instantly create a detailed interactive digital report. Standard templates are available to all, and we can create customised templates tailored specifically to your workflows, due diligence and research requirements. This one feature can cut routine and regular research tasks from hours to minutes.

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Export lets you turn a dashboard into a fully editable, designed word document, which can be shared with your team or form the basis of credit and investment documents. Choose what you want to include, and whether you want to see records as summary tables or in full detail, with full photography for comparables.

REalyse has every relevant dataset on UK residential property, including:

Planning & Policy

Conservation Areas
Listed Buildings
Heritage Land
Other Planning Policy
Development Area
Start Date
Mixed Use sectors
Sites to be sold
Social Housing
Student residences
Commercial elements
Circular 18
Car parking
Number of Units
Completion Date
Development Type
Planning Reference
Planning Approval
Contact Details
Local Planning Statistics
Contact details
Application value


Demographic Makeup
Education Level
Transportation Infrastructure
Local Amenities
Mortgage Debt Statistics
Credit Scores
Monthly Income
Local Business Statistics
Housing allowance

Land & Ownership

Freehold Information
Leasehold Information
Building Height
Site Coverage
Site Area
Planning Use Classes
Local Authority
Flood Defence
Flood Risk
Link to title plan


£/sqft – Rent
£/sqft – Sales
Median Discount
Gross Yield
Price Asked
Price Paid
Rent Asking
Rent Achieved
Days on Market – Rent
Days on Market – Sales
Local Housing Allowance
Property Size
Rent Listings
Sales Listings
Sales Transactions
Comparables – Rent
Comparables – Sales


Broadband speed
Schools and colleges
Ofsted ratings
Bars and restaurants
Rail stations
Bus links
Sports facilities
Car parking

What the industry says about REalyse

This has literally revolutionised the due diligence process.
Christopher Turnbull, MD at REalyse Platform clients Pinnacle Investments
Christopher Turnbull
Managing Director,
Pinnacle Investments
We always have a consistent view across the team
REalyse platform user Rebecca Lewis
Rebecca Lewis
Development Manager, Morgan Sindall Investments
A brilliant tool that brings transparency to markets
Ted Harding, user of the REalyse Platform
Ted Harding
Investment Surveyor, Cushman & Wakefield
I would not buy anything now without first appraising it on REalyse.
Patrick Lambert
Development Manager,
It is a delight working with REalyse and their 'nothing is too much' approach is refreshing.
Head of xxxx, Foxtons Plc
Helps us win business in a competitive space
Adrian de Morgan
CEO, de Morgan & Co