As lockdown eases, and activity in the property market begins to pick up once more, we’re very happy to be able to announce that we are expanding our sales and product development teams. 

We currently have new positions open for a senior salesperson, a UX/UI designer, a product owner, and 2x senior data engineers. 

With access to more data about the property market than any other provider, we know better than most the resilience and economic importance of the UK property sector. We’re very proud to be helping some of the industry’s biggest and most successful players thrive in a post-Covid world. 

In a time of significant market uncertainty, it’s clearer than ever that being able to quickly access and analyse accurate, comprehensive data is a cornerstone of success. More and more organisations are realising this, and we’re very pleased to be helping new and different types of organisation find their way in the post-Covid reality. 

If you’ve got outstanding skills in sales, UX, data engineering or product development, and you’re excited by property, data, and cool, user-friendly business technology, then we’d like to hear from you. You can find out more about what makes REalyse a great place to work, check out the relevant job descriptions here.

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