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Are London £sqft rents ‘flat’ or on the ‘high rise’? Is West best for rental income, or has East increased? Find out in the latest REalyse report on the ever-changing London rental market.

Using the most up-to-date data, we show you how terraced houses and flats in the different postcode areas compare on a £/sqft basis. If you’re a landlord or estate agent with property in the capital, this is insight you can’t afford to miss.

See the market before the market with our monthly report into £sqft rents in the capital.

Key Takeaways

• EC postcode area continues to command the highest rents for terraced houses, with rents for flats highest in WC

• Rents for terraced houses increased slightly in all areas except EC and E

• Little change in all areas for flat rental averages

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