Investment Papers

“I need to build reports to support decision making, and be able to make changes quickly without spending hours building charts and pulling data from different silos”


Understanding demand is crucial, but getting detail about it is time consuming and expensive. Either you pay a lot of money or you take your chances and hope for the best.


By using our data to observe trends in past transactions you can build the right product for the right people at the right time.

How does it work?


153 different local measures updated every month.

  • Understand affordability, incomes and mortgages
  • Track population changes and makeup
  • Discern your likely customers and their demands


20 years of market trends, by neighbourhood and property type.

  • Compare postcodes, wards and local authorities
  • Combine different datasets into a single graph
  • Check quartiles to understand the market highs and lows

My projects

Store the information you need, and export it into a Word document.

  • Create project folders on the go
  • Save information from across the platform into a folder
  • Export as a word document, csv or images