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Energy efficient homes: Is Goi...

For years now, the theory has been mooted that more energy efficient and better insulated buildings should attract a corresponding

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Predicting Stock Prices with R...

REalyse investigates whether an alternative data model can be created for the real estate sector by focusing on the potential

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Optimising your Portfolio Pt.2

In Part one of this article, we analysed and understood the historical trend and performance of real estate assets relative

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Optimising your Portfolio Pt.1

The property sector is commonly said to perform between equities and bonds, which is a consequence of the dual nature

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Sharing is Caring

Napster, Facebook, CoStar. What do these platforms have in common? They all made use of shared information, provided by their

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Post-Referendum Performance: A...

With Brexit (now a noun in the Oxford Dictionary) high on everyone’s agenda and conjecture commonplace, we decided to look

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The Politics of Property: The ...

We measured the relationship between UK House prices and voting results from the recent EU Referendum and found some interesting