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The following is a selection of case studies and testimonials that our clients and users have been kind enough to offer us recently. 

These come from all sectors of the property industry, and from all sizes of company – from challengers and niche players to multinationals with billions of pounds of assets under management. 

However, if you can’t find any content here that’s relevant your use case, then please do give us us a call, and our sales team will be happy to put you in touch with current users of the platform in your industry. 

A quick overview of REalyse:



Pinnacle Investments, an affiliate of Pinnacle Group, specialises in developing and investing within the Living Sectors with a strong, award winning track record in residentially-led regeneration nationwide, with recent projects winning numerous awards.

By focusing on a long-term commitment to revitalised multi- tenure communities, Pinnacle Investments has been able to create some of the most successful new neighbourhoods in the UK.

“When I’m speaking to investors or board members, the conversation is so much easier when I can show them what deals mean with the data, and know that it’s accurate.”

Andrew Wilson,

Commercial Director, Pinnacle Investments


Working within the constraints of historically mono- tenure or hard-to-let areas, and with a range of different stakeholders to satisfy, it’s always been vital for Pinnacle Investments to base decision-making upon a highly detailed understanding of local market conditions.

However, before REalyse technology became available, gaining that understanding was time consuming. Andrew Wilson, Commercial Director, explains:
“We used to use a lot of different data sources in our research – proprietary databases, listings websites, Land Registry, ONS, asking agents, working with consultants. Compiling all that data into a usable form just took much more time than we wanted.”


With REalyse, the Pinnacle Investments team are able to access every dataset on UK residential property with one platform, and use powerful analytics to define the most important insights quickly.

It hasn’t been a challenge for team members to learn their way around the technology. And the time saving has been significant.

“I don’t think some of the platform’s younger users know what things used to be like” says Wilson. “It’s taken processes that used to take two days at least, and condensed them down into a couple of hours.”


Empowered by REalyse data and analytics, the Pinnacle Investments team can quickly achieve a detailed, accurate understanding of local market areas, and easily communicate that to stakeholders.

“I find the graphics in the platform really useful”, Wilson continues. “When I’m speaking to investors or board members, the conversation is so much easier when I can explain deals using the data, and know that it’s accurate. My stakeholders don’t always have time to look through all the detail themselves, but the REalyse graphics make deals easy to navigate.” And the breadth of data available is equally powerful. 

“Demonstrating supply and demand, assessing the local price gradients, and working out accurate comparables is so much easier with the market and demographic data in one place.” Wilson concludes. “With the schools, infrastructure and business data, we can be confident about who lives and works in an area, and who might do so in future. Our property management team have even been using the platform to help further their understanding of tenants when bidding for contracts.”

In a particularly complex sector of the market, Pinnacle Investments is using big data and powerful analytics to make decisions faster and more effective – creating places that people from all walks of life both want to live in, and can afford to.


Trust Bank

Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB) is a leading specialist bank, with an expert team focussed on providing specialist business finance, mortgages and development finance solutions.

The Development Finance Team provide residential development finance and site assembly facilities throughout England and Wales, with funding up to 65% Gross Development Value. These include bespoke loans for projects including new-build residential developments, refurbishments, student accommodation and mixed-use schemes.

Russell Higgins, Analyst in the Development Finance Team at HTB, talks through the benefits that REalyse has brought to the team at Hampshire Trust Bank:

“REalyse is a very user-friendly tool and provides us with key market intelligence which plays a key role our in Credit applications.

The system has accurate, up to date comparable information which we can access immediately to assist us with the analysis of our customers’ projects.

REalyse provide a very personal customer service including hosting regular webinars and one to one training to demonstrate updates to their platform. They have a friendly team and someone is always on hand to help us if we have any questions about using their system.“

de Morgan


Established in 1976, de Morgan & Co is a leading pan-European property advisor and fundraiser, known in the industry for its ability to identify
and implement complex financial solutions for an international client base.

With a reputation for creative thinking and resourceful problem solving, de Morgan & Co has an established track record of engineering successful transactions, irrespective of circumstance or market conditions.

With a broad range of expertise, spanning property acquisitions & disposals, joint ventures, speculative and pre-let financing, fundraising, corporate M&A, portfolio assembly and strategic planning, REalyse technology is able to satisfy a wide range of use cases within the business.

Adrian de Morgan, Chief Executive, talked through how he and his team have used REalyse to get an inside track on the competition.

“REalyse has allowed as to create detailed presentations for our clients within days rather than weeks. 

“The level of data and analysis has helped us focus on the right schemes and win the business in a competitive space. 

“As we are a small team, the ability to pull rental, demographic and market data in a matter of minutes is incredibly valuable as it allows us to operate at a larger level.”

Legal &


One of the best-known corporate entities in the UK, Legal & General is the largest provider of individual life assurance products in the UK, and one of the top 20 asset managers globally.

The real assets team at Legal & General includes the group developing and operating the UK’s premier purpose-built rental portfolio, with over 4,600 homes spread across 13 sites, over £1.7Bn capital committed and some £800m in the pipeline as of April 2020.

Eleanor Jukes, Senior Strategist at Legal & General,  explains how the company uses REalyse technology:

“REalyse harnesses the power of big data to help make decisions on the ground. The suite of features helps me pick out the. signals from the noise, which underpin our investment strategy – invaluable insight into the residential markets.”



Cushman & Wakefield needs little introduction. With 53,000 employees worldwide, and revenue in 2019 of €8.8Bn, the company is one of the leading names in the global real estate industry, and has a significant presence in the UK residential sector.

Ted Harding, Investment Surveyor at Cushman & Wakefield, explained how REalyse has changed how the UK residential team approaches its work:

“REalyse is bringing the property industry into the 21st Century. A brilliant tool that brings transparency to markets, and a company that genuinely listens to its users. It’s become a fundamental part of our workflow.”


London’s leading estate agent, and one of the top listed estate agencies in the country, Foxtons enjoys a substantial share of the sales and lettings markets in London and Surrey.

This is what one of the Foxtons senior team said about how the company has adopted the REalyse platform:

“Will Parsons at REalyse approached me about a new property data platform REalyse, which he strongly felt is the most current and best in the market.

“Since signing up we have arranged numerous training sessions for our staff and REalyse have provided great insight and training on how to navigate around the platform in the most efficient ways possible.

“It has been a delight working with REalyse so far and their ‘Nothing is too much’ approach has been refreshing’ “



The Collective is a leader in the emerging co-living space, offering both short stay and long stay co-living, combining fully furnished private rooms with one-of-a-kind amenities and communal spaces.

Adina David, Vice President at The Collective, explained the benefits that REalyse has brought to the company:

“REalyse gives us immediate access to market data and demographics via a user-friendly format that we didn’t have before, cutting our time in half during the initial underwriting and due diligence process, allowing us to process deals faster.”

REalyse - chosen by the leaders in UK property:

Using REalyse

REalyse brings together every dataset on residential property, and presents it through powerful, easy-to-use analytics tools. No other property data platform is as comprehensive, or offers the same degree of insight. The above is just a very brief taste of why the top investors and developers in UK property trust REalyse to help them succeed. 

Right now, REalyse powers decisions at Legal & General, British Land, BNP Paribas and many others. REalyse is designed specifically to be accessible to all and easy to use without instruction. However, if you have a particular challenge that you would like to address, then please get in touch, as there are tips and tricks around the technology that can help you solve even very complex or unusual challenges


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