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Using REalyse’s own unique datasets, we’ve analysed the key market indicators in Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester to help you spot the emerging trends from the last quarter of 2019 in each of these important residential areas. Covering everything from £/sqft to the number of properties sold and even the average transaction discount in these cities, we’ve crunched the numbers, provided detailed historical context and presented our findings in a new easy-to-read format – so that you don’t have to 

In this quarterly report, a quick reference front page packs all of our data insights onto a single side of A4. However, for those who have more time we’ve included a detailed breakdown of every statistic, graph and numerical anomaly. 

Key takeaways this quarter: 

• House prices in Leeds are worth £220/sqft on average in Q4 2019. 
• Gross yields continue to rise, with properties in Manchester commanding 5.4%. 
• Time on the market continues to reduce, with houses in Birmingham taking 51 days to sell and 29 days to rent. 

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