April 8, 2024

State of BTR Market in the UK

There’s no denying the UK’s BTR market is booming. With 100,000 homes already completed to 2023 and 267,000 in the pipeline, this sector continues to see significant growth despite an uncertain economic backdrop. With investment in this sector also continuing on a positive trajectory and a lot of key players moving into this realm, let REalyse ensure you are best equipped to make informed business decisions regarding all things BTR.


Quickly understand areas where BTR schemes are already particularly saturated using our Planning section where you can filter by BTR only planning applications and view where these are expected to land over the next few months/years

Take the comparison of Manchester and Bristol above, we can visualise what BTR supply will look like in these areas in the future and you can use this to decide whether this is a good area of opportunity for your business. You can also get a good understanding of the rental behaviours between different regions using the insights section within our AVM tool, as the image below demonstrates.

Using our Markets feature you can then review the rentals trends of each area, specifically honing in on BTR properties only to better understand performance within this category in these two regions and where you might likely get a better return on investment.

We all know that as important as these returns may be, these properties need to be built in the right location for the target audience to achieve this. With BTR developments sitting on the upper end of the percentile, it is critical that you have reassurance there’s an audience out there for what you can offer. Our highly granular Demographics sections provides the answer to this.


Arguably the most critical is affordability. Our insights can show you not only how much an average income has increased within an area for a specific age demographic, we can also visualise this using our heat map technology so you know where those high earners are living within a city.

Not only that, but using our overlaying map capabilities you can layer on different data points, so as per below, you can quickly understand within those wealthier areas, whether there are planning applications already in place or whether it could be a good area of opportunity.

Outside of affordability, it is critical to understand the lifestyle and needs of your potential BTR audience. Whether you know this already and are trying to find the perfect location, or are looking to understand who exactly is in your surrounding location, REalyse can offer support.

Using our distance travelled to workplace you can better understand the commuting behaviours of an area which can help inform; how many parking spaces you may need or, what sort of home-working facilities you might like to offer. Or, as the image below demonstrates, quickly understand where the nearest schools are to a planning scheme, using our measurement tool for heightened accuracy.

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