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London Residential Report: Q3 ...

London Residential Report: Q3 2019 Read time: 15 minutes Are you trying to navigate the devilishly confusing London property market?

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British Residential Report: Q3...

British Residential Report: Q3 2019 Read Time: 15 mins Are you curious about the value of properties in your area?

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London Rents Monthly Report: S...

Are London asking rents heading north or south? Is West London always best for high-value flat rents, or are East

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Britain Property Prices Monthl...

Thinking of selling up? Interested in adding another property to your portfolio? Keen to know the average house price in

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London Living Rent: Where Does...

Using the REalyse platform, Gav investigates the areas where the London Living Rent affordable housing scheme might work and what

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Your big data solution for the RESI market.

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Building the Right Product Usi...

How to use the REalyse platform to understand demand in the UK property market, determine where your development can boost

Defining BTR

Build to rent (BTR) is the UK nomenclature for what is referred to in the US as Multi-Family Residential. As a definition

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Ceteris Paribus: The Effect of...

REalyse’s Founder, Gavriel Merkado, considers the important assumption of all things being equal in relation to interest rates. In this

REalyse Announces UK-Wide BTR ...

REalyse, the UK’s leading data platform for residential property, is pleased to announce its partnership with LIV Consult. LIV Consult