The Third Wave

At what point does conversion from Grade A office to residential start to make sense?  This question was probably unthinkable

The four tier market

At the time of writing, circa 33% of the UK’s working population are effectively unemployed, most as a result of

Property tortoises and investm...

In the well known fable the slow and steady tortoise won its race against the quick but inconsistent hare.  We

Planning Ahead

While the economy shrank by over 20% as a result of lockdown, some sectors were hit harder than others. Most

Living Room

Are people’s housing requirements changing as a result of the new ‘work from home’ environment? For many years we have

Looking back to look forward: ...

In extreme events, normal market functions and relationships tend to break down as new priorities emerge. Effectively the Maslow Hierarchy

Changing priorities: How Covid...

It's often been theorised that the rollout of 5G systems and other technological advances will diminish the appeal of the

Uk houses, REalyse
Property Price Changes of Chri...

LIV Consult’s Chloe Factor has carried out analysis to help provide guidance to developers on the matter of Build-To-Rent (BTR)

Red-brick building, REalyse
Britain Property Prices Monthl...

Thinking of selling up? Interested in adding another property to your portfolio? Keen to know the average house price in

Building exterior, REalyse
London Rents Monthly Report: O...

Are London asking rents heading north or south? Is West London always best for high-value flat rents, or are East